About me

My name is Yuzhang (Simon) Huang.

I am data-driven business analyst, I transform data into insights and practical plans to help businesses gain better performance, by implementing interdisciplinary skills and techniques.

I am interested in data-driven consulting projects, and deliverying customer-end products with analytics skills.

Timeline (past 5 years)

  • (SEP.2018 ~ SEP.2019) Queen Mary University of London (MSc Business Analytics) London, United Kindom
  • (SEP.2016 ~ AUG.2018) Shangzhen Overseas Affairs Service LTD (Director of Online Marketing) Shanghai, China
  • (SEP.2014 ~ JUN.2016) York University (B.A. Hon. Economics) Toronto, Canada

51热带鱼 https://www.51redaiyu.com
A Chinese aquatic species database and aquatic specie keeping tutorials.

爱鱼客 http://www.iyu.co
Personal blog (Chinese)

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